Investment Portfolio

One of our first and best investments was a beer producer. In Poland, beer is a staple, and anyone producing a good beer can get the attention of a Polish consumer. Our investment in this company is one of the cornerstones of our business, because this beer producer is now one of the biggest in Poland. The success of DobryPiesek, an investment company, started with one successful investment.

As DobryPiesek grew, so did our investment portfolio. We have had many investments in the entertainment industry, which is an area rich with opportunity. Because people need diversion, we regularly look for and find opportunities to invest in entertainment options. These can range from casions to films to parks, with new chances for investment happening all the time.

An example is the online gambling casino, Mr. Green. As an award winning onine casino, Mr. Green has been successful in attracting users and offers many options for users. With over 300 slots, Mr. Green offers variety and excitement for anyone wanting online diversion. Licensed and regulated, Mr. Green is available on the web and even has an App. This makes it a better investment, with prominent visibility in its field. Investing in Mr. Green has paid off well.
Another example is the Euro-Park, which is the largest theme park in Germany, and the second largest theme park resort in Europe. Only Disneyland Paris is more popular. Euro-Park has 60,000 visitors every day, with over 5.5 million in 2015. It made over 30 million Euros in 2015, and hosts the Euro Dance Festival. Being able to invest in this successful theme park was a tremendous opportunity, and DobryPiesek knew to take advantage of this when the chance presented itself.

We have also assisted other businesses which are starting up by matching them with suitable investors. Examples include other industries related to beer, such as other foods and restaurants, and other businesses in the entertainment industry. We offer start-up capital for some films and entertainment figures, in order to help them get the start they need and finance their important dealings.

The key to successful investing is finding chances and opportunities which will have a good return on investment. As DobryPiesek helps more and more people, we become more aware of yet more chances where people can invest successfully. It is our past success that gives us the ability to find these new ways of helping.

Because of our investment strategies, we not only help other investors, we are a driving force that helps these new businesses succeed. Unlike many other ways of earning money, investing through DobryPiesek will give you a deep sense of satisfaction. You know that you are not just helping yourself, but the other business owner and all his employees, and by extension their families.

If you want to become a part of this, and want to help businesses and individuals who want to make better lives for themselves, feel free to contact DobryPiesek. We will be happy to help you look at your options, and decide if this is the direction you want to take in your life next.