Mr. Green Investments

Following our founder Mr. Dobry Piesek, we are constantly keeping an eye on the market if a possible investment opportunity shows up. But we are not only looking for any opportunities, we at DobryPiesek are also proud to compare possible investment options for our clients. After being in the investment business for such a long time we know what our clients are looking for. Fortunately, the times where people were only taking investment opportunities which offer a huge return are over. Nowadays most of our clients are instead looking for safety. Especially when we are looking at the stock option market, we saw quite a few crashes in the past few years where people lost a considerable amount of their invested money. This is why more and more people prefer a lower risk investment, which might also come with smaller profits but a much lower risk over the stock option market.

That is why we at DobryPiesek are also looking for alternative investment opportunities. The two investment options that offer our clients safety and some promising returns are the online entertainment industry and the theme park leisure industry. We already have quite a lot of our clients investing into the online gambling industry. This market shows steady growth figures for several years now and providers like the Mr. Green online casino are still attracting more and more players. There are already a few online casino providers who made a successful introduction into several European stock markets, especially in Scandinavia. This is exactly the gate our experts used to start investing their clients’ money. For example, the Mr. Green online casino is listed on the Swedish NASDAQ and due to their outstanding results in the past several years, our clients could benefit from a steady and overall attractive return. As for the safety aspect, it is highly unlikely that an online casino provider that reached such an amount of active clients and shows such stable financial figures proves to be a bad choice for investments.

However, our team of investment experts always advises to spread your money over several companies and even better over several industries. This investment strategy minimizes the risk of losing money for any unforeseeable event even further. Or in other words, never just put all your savings into a company like Mr. Green. That is where our second most favored industry comes into play. It is the land-based theme park and leisure industry. Such theme parks are constantly building new attractions so visitors can enjoy a new ride or a new show every few months. For reconstructions like this, theme park managers are always welcoming new investors offering a safe investment opportunity with attractive returns.

Investing into a theme park or one of the online gambling casinos like Mr. Green, or preferably both, whatever your decision is, we at DobryPiesek are here for you. We will help you realize your project or safeguard your money for your retirement. Our experts are there for you and we will treat your money like it is ours. That is not just a promise, that is what we at DobryPiesek stand for.