New addition with fruitautomaten

We are very excited to tell you about the latest addition to our investment portfolio. The company is called Casnio and, as you might have guessed already, it’s an online casino. Its name was chosen after the casino’s first employee kept spelling the word casino wrong. He is dyslectic so nobody blames him. Rather they thank him for offering a great casino name. Casnio Casino, that’s a name nobody can argue with. Especially when you know where it comes from. We were one of the many people that were impressed, but not only by the name.

Name change

The original name for the casino was Fruitastic Casino. Before judging, the owners chose this name because they started out as a casino that specialized in fruit automaten or fruit machines. When they were almost ready to go live they decided to honour their first and, at the time, only employee and change the name of the casino. However, the business model remained the same. First, the casino only offered fruit machines. Even those from Simbad that everybody loved. It’s a pity that these aren’t available anymore. Still, Casnio Casino proved to be a huge success. Within the year it had reached the breakeven point.

Slot machines

Besides fruitautomaten, Casnio Casino also started offering slot machines. At first, this started with only slot machines that feature classic fruit machine symbols. As soon as the casino discovered how popular slot machines are, they adapted to their audience right away and added more options to their impressive offer. To remain original, Casnio Casino offers only fruitautomaten and slot machines at the time. That means no table games, which is a bold move for a casino to make as these are also quite popular. As this also means that you can play them anywhere, Casnio Casino prefers to be different.

Casino bonuses

The casino’s slogan, dare to be different, and its name already suggest that this a casino for rebels. When looking at the bonuses, you’ll get that feeling even more. The Wednesday bonus, Guess the Age, asks players to upload a picture of themselves after which the computer will guess their age. The older the computer guesses they are, the higher the bonus that they’ll receive. Pictures will be checked on authenticity. The Friday bonus ask player to fill in a quick survey in order to guess their inner age. That age will also decide what amount the bonus will be. Casnio Casino is daring to be different indeed.

Player safety

When we look at casinos, the first thing we look at is player safety. Without that, a casino has no chance of survival. There are so many casinos out there that have the right licenses and offer great player safety, that in this day and age it’s not even worth trying anymore if you can’t offer at least that. We are happy to say that this is no issue with Casnio Casino. The casino has a Maltese license, which makes it very reliable. But it doesn’t end there. It also has a couple of departments to ensure player safety. The first one is responsible gaming. This department monitors player behaviour and if there is any suspicion of problematic gambling, the player is contacted immediately. This, of course, happens in a discreet way. Then there is the fraud department. This department monitors the incoming and outgoing payments to make sure the funds go to the correct people. And also to make sure that nobody is laundering money in the casino. As this is not an activity that the casino allows, but that should be a given.