We Want To Invest

The company DobryPiesek is interested in investing in new companies, and wants to help you be a part of this success. Any opportunity you pass up is an opportunity you have lost.

Because of its start investing in the entertainment industry, DobryPiesek has many options in that direction. As an industry with many resources and proven success, entertainment is an area rich with opportunity.

Examples of ways you can invest in the entertainment industry include backing ventures like new movies, rising stars and even casinos and amusement parks. Our start came from a beer company, which is now one of Poland’s largest beer produces. Mr. Piesek also took advantage of a gap in the marketplace and earned money by selling alcohol and cigarettes to those without access.

At DobryPiesek, we find these opportunities for you and identify the original investments. When we find a gap in the market, we find a way to fill it in a way that helps the customers get while they want while giving us the profit we need to keep going. This exercise of a free market gives the advantage to everyone involved, and means that you can feel comfortable with the investments we help you become part of.

Other examples of investments will include new businesses, and other ventures that have what it takes to be a success but don’t yet have the capital. DobryPiesek is constantly gathering information to keep up on new opportunities, and uses advisors with skill and experience to study market trends.

Once we have identified legitimate places which are going to grow, we then are able to match them up with investors like you who want to be a part of that success. You will have trusted financial advisors who will identify a chance to help yourself while helping someone else.

At that point, we will help you decide how much a part of this opening you want to take. We will show you their resources, and their plans for growth, so that you can decide if this is really the best fit for you. Nothing will happen without your approval, and you will have all the necessary information to make an informed decision.
If you decide to support a particular business, we will help you evaluate how much you want to invest. You may decide to put all your assets into one venture, or spread them out among many different opportunities. Your strategy will be your own, but we can advise you and help you see how different outcomes may be.

After you have officially made the decision and you have applied your funds to an investment, we do not stop helping you. Our advisors make sure that you know how your investments are doing, and if any changes occur. If you decide at any time that you want to opt out of the investment, or the investment world in general, we will assist you in that too.

When you decide that you want to start making your money work for you, call DobryPiesek and we will help you learn all your options.