Who Are We

Before DobryPiesek was a successful investment firm, there was only Mr. Dobry Piesek, a man who wanted to work hard and find opportunities to become successful. He didn’t mind spending long hours or searching for opportunities, and it is thanks to his efforts that DobryPiesek has become what it is today.

In order to get cash which he could use for his original investments, Mr. Piesek sold cigarettes and alcohol to people who needed them but did not have much of a chance of procuring them for themselves. He noticed that the sailors would be docked with their freight ships, in his hometown of Gdansk, and that the ships often had no little time before they had to leave again. The sailors themselves had to stay with the ships, and often had no breaks. This is an excellent example of Mr. Piesek’s ingenuity, as he found an opportunity others hadn’t noticed and took advantage of it.

As far as investments, Mr. Dobry Piesek first became involved in a Polish beer start up. Founded by his own school friend, this was an opportunity waiting to happen. Mr. Piesek invested in this venture when it was at an early stage, and his friend’s small concern grew to the point of being one of the largest beer producers in Poland. Mr. Piesek learned early that it was important to take a chance if he saw one.

As he continued to follow this path of building an investment career, Mr. Piesek found many other opportunities, including some connected to the beer industry. This is a wise investment, as people need refreshment, and a competent business will grow with time. Mr. Piesek also invested in areas around the beer industry, like food and restaurants that were related.

He also wisely chose opportunities in the entertainment industry, an area rich with opportunities, with more chances to earn seeming to happen almost daily. He invested in the Polish online casino, Mr. Green, which is one of the largest online casinos. He also helped support Euro-Park with his investments, one of the largest amusement parks in Europe. With 60,000 visitors a day, Euro-Park shows no signs of slowing down.

As his own investments grew, Mr. Piesek decided to help others find the same kind of opportunities that helped him. He started his investment company, DobryPiesek, to assist his customers find chances to invest their hard-earned assets and make them grow. Because he worked hard for his own money, he understands and appreciates that people want the best for themselves and their families, and just need a way to help themselves.

DobryPiesek has grown over the years, as it has helped many people find investments that help them to expand their portfolios and earn money for their own efforts. As it continues to search for other opportunities, DobryPiesek continues to stay aware of situations which could help to create more chances for his customers. If you have any questions or just want to discuss any ideas you have about investing, don’t hesitate to contact DobryPiesek today.